Why did my migration fail?

Your migration might have failed due to the following reasons:

    1. You are on the Pro+ trial.
      Users on the Pro+ trial are entitled to 10 free migrations. If you would like to migrate more videos, please purchase migration credits on our Add-ons page.

    2. Privacy settings on your videos.
      Videos with any privacy settings such as password protection, embed restrictions or view restrictions cannot be migrated via waach. Please head over to your video settings on the video platform to set them to public before migrating them.

    3. Anti-spam filter.
      Certain users who have attempted to migrate more than 100 videos to YouTube have experienced this. YouTube’s new anti-spam filter seems to allow only 100 videos to be uploaded to a channel in a day. If you experience this, please get in touch with us, as we will attempt to find a workaround solution to your issue.

    4. Your video title is too long. 
      Different video platforms have different length restrictions for video titles.
      For instance, YouTube has a character limit of 100 while Vimeo has a character limit of 128. 
      As a result, a video with a title of 110 character count would fail to migrate from Vimeo to YouTube.

    5. Your YouTube channel might not have been verified. 
      YouTube channels that have not been verified might see their longer videos (>15min) being taken down by YouTube after a successful upload/migration. Please check that your channel is verified before you migrate your videos to YouTube. 

    6. You might not have enough migration credits 
      To check how many migration credits you currently have, go to 'My Account' located on the top right of the page.  If you would like to migrate more videos, please purchase migration credits on our Add-ons page.

    7. If your video migrations have failed due to other reasons not listed here, please contact us.
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