How do I set up several channels on waach?

Here is how you can set up several channels on waach:

Step 1: Generate the invitation URL from your master account
Step 2: Log out from your current waach account
Step 3: Paste the invitation URL into your browser; it’ll take you to waach’s sign-up page
Step 4: Sign up for waach using the email address of your second YouTube channel you wish to connect
Step 5: Click "accept" and your second channel will be linked to the network
Step 6: Repeat steps 2 to 5 for each channel you wish to link to your master account
Step 7: Log in to your master account
Step 8: Validate all your “children” accounts to associate them to your master account, at the Account page.

For more details, read our guide.

Note: This option is only available in the Professional+ plan.


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